Sunday, May 27, 2007

Too many balls!

We're moving (though I've already changed my location on my personal info), so I'm doing all I can to find extra room for everything possible. I checked out one of my yarn boxes to see if I could possibly squeeze some more yarn into it. It did have a couple of full skeins in it, but over half of the box was made up of yarn balls! In all sizes!

I thought, "Guh! How did I come to accumulate so many yarn balls?! I could really use that space for full skeins..."

And after thinking it over for a while, I decided that these yarn balls needed to be used up so I could get that space back. And what better way to use up scraps than to make a super-stash-busting granny square afghan! :D

I currently have 33 squares in all kinds of colors. And that's about half or so of what yarn balls there were! o_O But now I have room for my full skeins and have something to do while traveling! :D

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